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Fermented Tofu Carbonara  is our another Newly Creation from our Chef.  This Vegan Carbonara with a very Unique umami Fermented Tofu (HK) added into this Gluten Free handmade pasta / buckwheart soba that you'll never forgotten such intriguing flavour you've ever tried in Vegan food.  The fermented tofu is specially luggage back from Hong Kong, due to our Raw Vegan Bunny Chef have been tasted all available in Singapore however done can given that very original flavour from her memory from Hong Kong.  


Allium Free

We do not need to add garlic or onion in most of our cooking, it is because we replacing by house cultured shoyu koji to replace all condiments and flavour from garlic and onion. 



 sprouted and activated almond, pistacchio, cashew nuts, cashew nuts milk, house fermented kefir cream, fermented tofu, shoyu koji, salt & pepper.  

Fermented Tofu Carbonara

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