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The Recipe for Sustainable Living

Sutainable Education

It is clear that Joyce's intentions are pure and straightforward. In 2019, Raw Chef Joyce had the opportunity to fulfill one of her dreams by embarking on a pilgrimage journey to volunteer and teach sustainable practices in South Africa, Nepal, and Kazakhstan, and then continued her self-directed research on waste segregation in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. However, she realized that she alone couldn't do much to change the world. She also saw that she needed to sustain herself financially in order to do more non-profit volunteer teaching. Overall, Joyce's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is admirable, and her efforts to promote a more eco-conscious lifestyle are commendable. Joyce started a non-profit sustainable teaching program at her home in 2015, where she shares her real-life practices for reducing plastic, glass, paper, and food waste. She also teaches participants how to upcycle these materials into useful items, giving them a second life. Her most popular workshops are on reusing home glass jars to make plant-based eczema balm and cream, as well as teaching hand-making techniques for reusable beeswax wraps. Joyce's reputation as an eco-conscious educator has grown significantly through her non-profit teaching in eco-enzymes and composting since 2015. She has taught a wide range of individuals and organizations, including gardeners, housewives, grandparents, universities, local schools, non-profit organizations, and hotels. All of the beeswax used in Joyce's workshops is sourced sustainably directly from bees farms in Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, and Thailand to ensure that no bees are harmed in the process of obtaining the wax. At Back2Basic, all handcrafted home products is centred around these 3 philosophy, repurpose, reducing waste and conserving resources. "Back2Basic" offers a range of eco-friendly and reusable home products, such as beeswax wrap, soy wax candle making and upcycled tote bags or reusable menstrual pad to help customers reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Workshop

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