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Chef  Joyce's   Dreams

Raw Chef Joyce & MoMo

Born in Hong Kong, nurture in Toronto, and a resident in Singapore, a real international citizen. Transitioning from an Industrial Engineer to a Raw Vegan Chef is a journey that draws parallels between product (food) design and crafting product (food) from scratch. Joyce Cheng's connection with nature has been profound, viewing it as her second home. Her unwavering passion has driven her to explore various parts of the world, both to learn and to share her waste segregation & sustainable lifestyle with like-minded individuals.  Since 2014, she has been actively conducting workshops that focus on sustainability & Upcycling.  Through her tailormade workshop Joyce has garnered recognition for her efforts from her workshops & GF vegan cooking classes have gained popularity since that year through FB. Today, Joyce stands as the founder, owner, and raw vegan Chef at WakaMama, a realization of her dream and a testament to her determination to follow her heart. In her endeavors, she champions a commitment to sustainability and a passion for creating positive change, all driven by her individual efforts.



Although born in the era of brain washed by advertising and overwhelmed usage of plastic, Joyce’s soul was long born back before that, back in a simpler time before global warming, before massive plastic pollution, before all the artificial human pollution in the world, where things were all natural, sustainable, back to basics.

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Sustainable Lifestyle

It all starting with a little passion about sharing how one can do more through an Sustainable workshop back in 2014, and as time passes, the fermentation techniques came into the picture a little more along with Raw Vegan Food. Everything she did were all driven by her 2 sons, with a meaning and purposes. In her journey during teaching and came across with many different hotel and f&b and realised that we can do better into a real zero waste f&b vegan shop , not just what we use but also what we eat ! Back 2 Basic is a concept of Sustainable Lifestyle. We believed everything correlated in our Planet System. The food we ate the product we using are all related to our health and our living environment. This is how Back2Basic Living started from Non-Profit Sustainable Workshop (2014) then Home Based (2019) to Sustainable GFV (Gluten-Free Vegan) Back2Basic Picnic Cafe (2020) till now “WakaMama” 100% Vegan Japanese “Vemakase” Tasting Menu (2022). Joyce have been doing a lot of Volunteering Eco Friendly teaching around the world e.g. Kazahstan, South Africa, Seoul, Taiwan, Nepal, Singapore and HK. Therefore she is a real living example who put her passion into real action. During COVID 2019, by opportunity she followed her dreams and her heart to start all these alone herself and this is How Back2Basic & WakaMama started. Joyce's simple motive is wishing her sons and the next generation are able to see blue skies and white clouds in the future. This profound desire drives her commitment to sustainability, teaching, and creating a better environment for the future - "Drop a pebble make more positive ripple". Joyce keeps inspiring more people everyday through her food to sotry telling.


Blue Skies & White Clouds

Being true to what the name implies, Back2Basic tries to promote a Sustainable Vegan lifestyle that the food, daily personal products living style & packaging are inline with her Philosophy. Encouraging and showing the world how simple of a change it is for a much greater good to CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER. Mother Theresa QUOTE “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Joyce's simpliy motive is just want her sons and all the next GEN able to see blue skies and white clouds !! We only live once !

Eco Educator

With all her knowledge, she started teaching workshops and cooking class (2015) following home-based business in 2019.  Focus on fermentation and sustainable lifestyle before it became a trend, and volunteered to teach others through non-profit workshops with NEA, CC, NUS, ITE, NTU, local school in Singapore, Bollywood, SAM, Six Senses Hotel.......etc.

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Joyce pondered how she could use her knowledge and skills to create anything that related to sustainability and eco-friendliness, physical and mental health, and guilt-free yet scrumptious food.

She then Joyce built "Back2Basic" concept & WakaMama Vegan Japanese Restaurant from her dream, step by step she made her dream come true as Joyce believe "LIFE IS SHORT SPENT IT WELL !  WE ONLYH LIVE ONCE ! NO PAIN NO GAIN !" with these values in mind.

From Dream, to Reality

Chef Joyce follows her heart and her dreams "Do what you love and Love what you do" is now the founder of Back2Basic and WakaMama, where people can enjoy natural and delicious food in a more sustainable environment.  Starting from teaching workshop (2015) to home-based delivery then to Vegan Picnic Cafe (2020) now to WakaMama Vegan Japanese Restaurant......She keeps non-stop Evolving......strive for excellence......

Community Building~
Change Maker~Impact Seeker

Joyce dedicated to supporting our community by providing sustainable workshops and vegan cooking classes for families & corporate who want to adopt a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Our aim is not only to promote healthy eating habits but also to encourage mindful and sustainable choices that will benefit our planet and future generations.  Sustainable practices, socially conscious initiatives, and supporting those with autism. We welcome furry friends.  

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