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The Transformation
#01-32 to #01-28

UNIT #01-32

Stepping out from her comfort zone, Chef Joyce is starting a new solo startup, transitioning from a home-based operation to a physical unit for a delivery platform with an F&B license.


Woman Owned

It is hard to be a woman, You must think like a man, And act like a lady, Look like a young girl, And work like a horse - "Hilary Clinton"

Hands On

Chef Joyce took charge of everything, from designing the kitchen to setting up the entire kitchen layout and equipment, all in accordance with SFA (Singapore Food Agency) requirements. She customized the setup to fit her Raw Vegan Kitchen concept.


Unit #01-32

From delivery to a cafe, Chef Joyce never stops improving and keeps on transforming, striving for excellence.


#01-28 & #01-32

Expanding to two units during the COVID pandemic, Chef Joyce decided to offer both delivery and an ala carte menu to cater to different customer preferences. Additionally, she introduced a unique dining concept, "Picnic Style Dining In," allowing customers to enjoy their meals in a cozy and relaxed outdoor setting.

Unit #01-28

Another significant milestone for Chef Joyce - transitioning from a cafe to a restaurant. She took charge of the self-design and hands-on renovation, working closely with the contractor to bring her dream to life, ensuring sustainability coexists with commercial success.


Tranform again

From cafe transforming into coffee shop and into Tasting Menu chef table a Private Dining Restaurant and now branch out name "WakaMama".

Unit #01-28

From Cafe to Restaurant. Self design & hands on renovating together with contractor.


Unit #01-28

Branching out from "Back2Basic," Chef Joyce's new venture, "WakaMama," is a trailblazing 100% Vegan (gluten-free) Japanese Restaurant, offering an exquisite private dining experience. It proudly holds the distinction of being the smallest Vegan Restaurant in Singapore, a unique gem tucked away in the heart of the city. Building upon her previous successes, Chef Joyce's vision for "WakaMama" is to redefine the notion of vegan dining, proving that plant-based cuisine can be both indulgent and sophisticated. With meticulous attention to detail, she has curated a menu that showcases the natural flavors and textures of vegetables, grains, and plant-based ingredients, delivering a symphony of taste that delights even the most discerning palates. The intimate setting of "WakaMama" fosters an exclusive and personalized dining experience. Guests are greeted with warm hospitality as they step into the cozy and elegantly designed space. The restaurant's ambiance, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese tearoom, invites diners to unwind and savor the culinary journey that lies ahead. Chef Joyce's dedication to sustainability extends beyond the menu. She sources her ingredients locally, supporting nearby farmers and producers, and utilizes eco-friendly practices throughout her operations. As a result, "WakaMama" has become not only a culinary haven for vegans but also a conscious choice for environmentally-conscious diners seeking a guilt-free dining experience. The innovative spirit of "WakaMama" extends to the way Chef Joyce artfully blends Japanese culinary techniques with globally inspired vegan creations. Diners are treated to a multi-sensory experience, where every dish tells a story and reflects Chef Joyce's passion for culinary creativity. Word about the smallest Vegan Restaurant in Singapore has spread rapidly, drawing food enthusiasts, vegans, and non-vegans alike, all eager to savor the unforgettable dining experience crafted by Chef Joyce. "WakaMama" has not only elevated the vegan dining scene but has also inspired other chefs and restaurateurs to explore the limitless possibilities of plant-based cuisine. Chef Joyce's commitment to promoting sustainable and compassionate dining has earned her the admiration of her peers and recognition within the culinary industry. As the accolades for "WakaMama" pour in, Chef Joyce remains grounded in her vision, never forgetting her journey from a small cafe to a thriving Private Dining Restaurant, and now the pioneer of the smallest Vegan Restaurant in Singapore. Her trailblazing spirit continues to shape the culinary landscape, leaving a lasting legacy as an ambassador of fine vegan dining and an inspiration to all aspiring chefs and restaurateurs.

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