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Just Another Schizophrenic Edible Moisturizer Balm

Specially Dedicate to all skin sensitive & allergy children and friends, elderly who suffering with skin allergy.


JC Cheng’s Edible Eczema / Pain Relief / Healing / Relieving Moisturizer Balm 50G/EACH

Ingredients : Shea Butter, Cacao Butter, EVOO, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Mango Butter, Molases, Beeswax, infused herbal oil. 


PRE-ORDER : 1-2Days


Choices: Eczema Indian Borage / Camfrey Root / Marigold 

Calming : Chamomile 

Pain Relief Balm : Cinnamon Turmeric

Plant based specially for Eczema/skin allergy/ sensitive skin children and friends.


All Plant-Based, Gluten Free, Diary Free, NUTS Free, No Preservatives, NO food colouring, NO artificial flavouring.


Homegrown herbs and housed infused in EVOO, using only edible and safe ingredients for our skin to feed and nourishing our skin.


All ingredients soaked and rinse with eco enzyme before handling, Compostable / Eco Friendly packaging. 


Storage: 3-4 months in Fridge. 

Plant Based Moisturizer Balm (50ml)

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