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Handmade Beeswax Eco Wrap

An old Alternative way to replace Glad/cling wrap (not for those who have allergy to beeswax). There are 3 different ways to homemade Beeswax Wrap at home. I tried all of them to see what is the difference and which is the best. I like to use a big boiling pot to make them.


Usage :

1) replace plastic bag / glad wrap / single use plastic bag.

2) reduce plastic waste.

3) you can reuse and reuse , unless torn apart or chewing by pet.

4) water proof and oil proof, use plain water to rinse only.

5) for packing lunch e.g. wrapping sandwiches

6) to wrap all your fruits and veggies in fridge

7) to wrap your homemade bread or store-bought bread

8) reduce the single use plastic bag when buying bread from bakery.

9) wrap cheese in fridge protect from getting moldy and dry.

10) can wrap bread or baguette

11) can keep veggies in fridge more than 5-7days and still green and crunchy fresh !

12) can wrap wet leftover food like radish cake, kuek, sponge cake and it will grease this beeswax wrap, just clean by water.



Handmade Beeswax Eco Wrap

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