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At Back 2 Basic all our receipes we using this full moon sea salt this is why our real whole plant-based food are scrumptious and unique.  


🌙🌝Full Moon Sea Salt 100% Pure natural Sea Salt follow the moon cycle carefully scooped up at the high tide of the full moon and new moon. From Amakusa Tsuji Island Japan.


🌝🌛It is said that the sea water are more sweet during full moon and new moon and absorbed the strong energy power of the moon. You can enjoy with any food or for cooking any food you like and or use it to do a full bathing to purify our souls.


🌝🌛We use this moon sea salt for all our recipes ! It is a natural and magical thing in enhanced flavour to all our food. From the beginning of choosing ingredients we carefully select and prepared. This is why our real whole plant-based food curated voluptuousness & fastidiousness.


🌝🌛Full Moon energy is clear, insightful, unfolding, and manifesting. It is the time to call in abundance, take risks and celebrate growth. It’s the cosmic mirror that reflects your brightness. 


🌝✨Full Moon Bathing Ritual:
🌜purify our souls 🌛stressed relief 🌜cleanse negative energy 🌛Detox During the brightness of the Full Moon set your intention by lighting candles, burn palo santo, and fill the bath with warm water. As you offer a handful of the Full Moon salts to the bath, state your intentions of what of what your soul is manifesting (absorbing) and what you are celebrating.


🌛While you are bathing allow yourself to envision success. Call it in. See it with your third eye. After bathing massage yourself with the Full Moon anointing oil to welcome your powerful self to shine. 


🌜Moon Sea Salt Soak specifically offer relief for women during their cycle. Naturally rich in magnesium, calcium and potassium, this salt soak aids in detoxification, pain relief, relaxation and helps with stress reduction. #moonsalt #seasalt #realfood #wholeplantbased 


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Full Moon Sea Salt

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