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100% Bamboo Fibre Towel 

Real and 100% bamboo fibre , no added other nylon or polyester, 

All Natural Bio-degradable Towel

Specially for Kitchen cleaning without a single drop of detergents.


(One of the Alternate Eco Friendly Choices)

**Why Choose Bamboo ?

1. bamboo grow faster and replenish faster after chop down compare to Cotton.

2. The whole production and growing of Bamboo are more Eco Friendly , using lesser chemical and pesticides compare to cotton.

3. Bamboo Fibre without detergent can bring away grease and oil , therefore when doing dish washing , we do not need a single drop of detergent = Eco Friendly = reduce chemical to damage our Mother Nature.

4. Bamboo itself is a natural anti-bacterial material, also they dry faster thus it won’t easily get mouldy and won’t got foul smell in kitchen for long term usage as wet & moist area.


WHY reduce using those green scrub for dish washing ??

ANS : Why more people crochet their own dish washing pad made from cotton ? Why choose bamboo towel or a PC of cotton towel to do dish washing ???

It is because these material are biodegradable , after you throw away it can break down and return to mother nature. However green scrub pad they are man-made non-sustainable material.

Therefore even change a small baby step here for what you are using to do your dish washing also help our mother nature


Baby Towel : 25x25cm 

Facial Towel : 25x25cm 

Bathing Towel : 26 x 52cm

Multi Purposes Towel : 30x30cm 

Dish Wash Pad : 18x22cm

Bamboo Kitchen Towel

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