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2pcs per pack

Double Layer specially for dish washing or other wiping purposes.

Material : 100% Bamboo Fibre

Vegan•Sustainable•Bamboo Fibre•Animal Cruelty Free•

We believe is a whole lifestyle not just what we eat and what we use to start a more Sustainable Living to help save our Planet Earth.

Using Bamboo Towel is just one of the Alternates Eco Friendly Choices to start your sustainable lifestyle and journey.

Except Start a Vegan Food joirney, say no to plastic bag or plastic straw, reduce, reuse & upcycling, there r many ways to walk toward a more sustainable living as an individual.

At Back 2 Basic Micro Vegan Restaurant is a chemical free Kitchen ♻️💪🏼🌏 we only using bamboo towel to do dish washing and Eco Enzyme to do all cleaning the whole kitchen and rinse all veggies and fruit before crafting into food.

**Why Choose Bamboo ?

1. bamboo grow faster and replenish faster after chop down compare to Cotton.

2. The whole production and growing of Bamboo are more Eco Friendly, no chemical and pesticides compare to cotton.

3. Bamboo Fibre without detergent can bring away grease and oil , therefore when doing dish washing , we do not need a single drop of detergent = Eco Friendly = reduce chemical to damage our Mother Nature.

4. Bamboo itself is a natural anti-bacterial material, also they dry faster thus it won’t easily get mouldy and won’t got foul smell in kitchen for long term usage as wet & moist area.

100% Bamboo Dish Pad

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