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Wanna experienced something UNIQUE after our vegan picnic in 2021 ?  Now offering Exclusive Japanese Vemakase (Vegan Omakase) for 1-4pax only per day since 2022, the Smallest & Coziness in Singapore that you feel warm snug in this hideout. 

The SMALLEST & coziest  in Singapore, 160sqft, 4seaters, Private Vegan Omakase & Sake pairing by Reservation only. 


We are SFA LICENCED, F&B & Alcohol licence for 100% whole plant-based and Sake since 2019.

licence 2_edited.jpg

Organic, Fermented, Raw Vegan options too !

Photo - Frozen Kombucha Mocktail


WakaMama's Tasting Menu (Vemakase) with a variety of delectable morsel more than 20++ items.  Follow traditional Japanese Omakase at least 15-20++ items is consider an authentic Omakase.

Photo by photographer : Yve Chi @yvechibakecooks


WakaMama focus in WHOLE real NATURAL food and Gluten-Free Vegan (GFV) in 4 food area (1) Sushi (2) handmade pasta (3) Dessert/pastry (4) fermented vegan foods and drinks.

Photo - Sweet Sour Crispy Pork in natural pineapple orange mango foam  

IMG_4585 (1).jpg

Our signature Vegan food MOST unique is our whole plant-based Sushi, NO MOCK MEAT.

Photo - Black Caviar Nigiri 


"Back2Basic" reminisce back to the time where natural ingredients and techniques are used to handcraft food, create flavours and nourish one's body.

Photo - Raw Vegan Wagashi


We support animal cruelty free and sustainable food, we believe food that animal can eat and we can eat are call "food".  Since 2017 we created food that dog can enjoy same food with us "Human"!  Chef Joyce wanna follow her dream build a place like in Paris that there is a Pet menu and pet can enjoy food together.  Thus WakaMama is a Pet's friendly with fury kids menu.


Outdoor dining available 1-12Pax for ala carte set by Chef Joyce, same as usual, just enjoy whatever Chef prepared of the day.


What Makes Us Different ?


Vegan + Omakase

Life is too short for bad food !  Chef's Table Tasting Menu (Degustation) suitable for Jain & allium-free.


Chef Joyce handcrafting everything from scratch herself from sourcing to cooking make sure everything are true 100% Vegan. 


Make sure everything are gluten-free, Chef Joyce handcraft everything herself from pasta to sauce nor dressing, chocolate bon bon, ice-cream, vegan cheese, cracker to bread and ravioli (since 2015).

Pet's Restaurant

A pet-friendly restaurant where humans and furry kids can share same food together at the same table.   We love animal thus we support meatless movement and animal cruelty free food.  


Stay true to our Philosophy since 2015, WakaMama is a Zero food waste kitchen (Eco Enzymes & Compost Bin at WakaMama since 2019), compostable packaging & vegan food are just one of the lifestyle hoping blue skies white clouds for our next generations.  Owner & Chef Joyce as a Sustainable Educator since 2015 teaching in many developing countries and Singapore.

100% Natural Whole Plant-based

100% whole plant-based, eggless & dairy free.  Chef Joyce use mainly Koji, Miso, Amazake, pea protein & natural sweetness from natural fruits in all her cooking since 2004.  This is her culinary skills and experiences as a mom using all natural ingredients for her children.

Social Enterprise

Autism awareness, through creating colourful food & drinks to bring out messages "Aperger / High Functioning Autism / Differences Awareness".  Our Chef provide vocational training at School of Genesis since 2020.  Special Needs handmade food for WakaMama, adding story behind each dishes "It is not just FOOD there is another meaning behind the food !"

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